Hackathon awards

There will be five cash prizes in Three tracks (a total of £90k EGP) form Benha University:

    1st Place
  • 10,000 EGP
    2nd Place
  • 8,000 EGP
    3rd Place
  • 6,000 EGP
    4th Place
  • 4,000 EGP
    5th Place
  • 2,000 EGP


  • 14 October

    from 14-10-2023 to 31-12-2023

  • 15 January

    Announcing Shortlisted Teams from 15-01-2024 to 16-01-2024

  • 22 January

    Induction & Hands-on Training from 22-01-2024 to 31-01-2024

  • 04 February

    at NAID

  • 12 February
    February 2024

    Prototype Development & Hackathon Event from 11-02-2024 to 13-02-2024


Will Benha University get the intellectual property rights to the product coded by the teams?

No, the code produced by the team during the Hackathon will be of their own property.

How will the participants be evaluated?

The winning team will be decided by a jury made up of industry experts and professionals. The final decisions of the judges are to be based on the following parameters: Deep market need, Value added, Design, Development, and Pitching. The panel will assign a score to each parameter, which will then determine the ranking of each participating team.

Will the project be delivered completely?

Only a proof of concept (PoC) should be presented. No need to deliver anything.

What will be provided during the contest?

  • Free wi-fi access.
  • Stationery and canvases.
  • Three-day food and beverages.

Why to join Benha University Emerging Technologies for Empowering People of Determination Hackathon?

  • It is a fantastic learning opportunity. You can use this time to test a new skill or framework in a setting that keeps you focused and motivated.
  • During the hackathon course, you will hear about new advancements in the field, and go through intensive workshops.
  • It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and grow. Expect to pitch your own idea for a project to complete strangers or explain why you are a good candidate for someone else’s team.
  • Hackathons are great lessons in terms of execution and efficiency. There is no room for perfectionism - you need to judge where to invest time, how long to try, and when to switch to a new solution. You will be working under pressure, taking lead on some tasks, sharing your know-how, and dealing with different personalities.
  • It truly is intense-networking with relevant people. During these few days, you will have endless opportunities to get to know people on a professional level, be it during team-matching sessions, food breaks, or going for coffee together.
  • You make a step towards entrepreneurship. Sometimes your idea/solution might be so amazing it could get bought, or you and your team mate(s) might resonate so well that you will continue working together beyond the hackathon (and maybe even form your own startup).

What is expected from Hackathon’s participants?

Hackathon participants must be able to:

  • Define the Emerging Technologies for Empowering People of Determination
  • Design a human centered and business viable solution that fits the defined need.
  • State the riskiest assumptions related to the problem, solution or the implementation of their product or service.
  • Prove the technical feasibility of the solution through a proof of concept also the solution must be ICT and enabling technologies based.
  • Illustrate the user journey through solution demo.
  • Prototype a functional version of the product
  • Pitch their final product