In the light of Vision 2030, Egypt is rapidly transforming towards a knowledge-based digital economy that encourages innovation, research, and development. As a major part of this vision, the New Administrative Capital is being built to be the first smart government in Egypt.

Benha University is proud to sponsor the Smart Govenrment Hackathon. The hackathon is open to students in all Egyptian universities. The purpose of this hackathon is to find innovative solutions by diverse teams of interdisciplinary students.

A Three-day process for answering critical challenges related to Smart govenrment through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. During the three days the participants will go through various workshops about innovation, lean methodology, design thinking, and value creation.

The participants will create teams of 3-5 and work together in a sprint, to shortcut and compress a month of time into 30 Hrs. On the first day, teams will be created, get introduced to the Smart Govenrment challenges, map out the problem and ideate solution that create value. On the second day, teams will learn about prototyping and start product development. On the third day, teams will continue working on their products development and prepare their final pitch.