• Accessibility & Entertainment:
    1st Place: Delta University for Science and Technology
    2nd Place: Benha National University
    3rd Place: Kafr Elsheikh University
    4th Place: Benha University
    5th Place: New Mansoura University
  • Education & Employment 
    1st Place: Egyptian Chinese University ‎
    2nd Place: Benha University
    3rd Place: Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology
    4th Place: Zagazig University
    5th Place: Luxor University
  • Health & Sport
    1st Place: Menoufia University ‎
    2nd Place: Ain Shams University
    3rd Place: Mansoura University “Connectors”
    4th Place: Misr University for Science and Technology
    5th Place: Galala University