Track 1: Smart Identity & Smart Democracy

1st Place: Assiut University - "Heartizm"

2nd Place: Ain Shams University - "MAK chain"

3rd Place: Misr University for Science and Technology "MUST" - "Automation Avengers"

Track 2: Smart Services & Smart Community

1st Place: Benha University - "THE WINTER"

2nd Place: Kafr Elsheikh University - "Binary team"

3rd Place: Zagazig University - "STS"

Track 3: Smart Media & Smart Interaction

1st Place: Egyptian Chinese University - "Huglow"

2nd Place: Benha National University - "Alpha Robotics"

3rd Place: Damietta University - "The Lazarus"

Track 4: Smart Authentication & Smart Governance

1st Place: Helwan University - "WRL Pixels"

2nd Place: Delta University - "Medicare"

3rd Place: Benha University - "ETQAN"

Track 5: Smart Leadership & Smart Planning

1st Place: Tanta University - "Planify"

2nd Place: October University for Modern Sciences and Arts "MSA"- "Triple C's"

3rd Place: New Mansoura University - "NMU-Pioneers"

Track 6: Smart Mobility & Smart Tracking

1st Place: Benha University - "F5"

2nd Place: Mansoura University - "Luminous"

3rd Place: Obour High Institutes - "MCV"

Track 7: Smart Censorship & Smart Security

1st Place: Suez University - "Shebak"

2nd Place: Minia University - "Team ace"

3rd Place: Assiut University - "Magical Mental"